The film is timely in light of the upcoming Supreme Court decisions regarding the recognition of marriage equality on a national scale and the ongoing debates over Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  The film follows the couples, documenting the highs and lows since the passage of Proposition 8, the triumphs of the California 9th Circuit Court ruling, and the continued determined struggle to challenge these laws until they are struck down on a national level.

While the film focuses on Asian American LGBTQ families, it has broad base identification and appeal to both cross-cultural as well as international audiences.  Even though the piece is designed to broaden Asian American identification with LGBTQ struggles, the film can speak just as effectively to a general American audience as it can to an Asian American one.  At approximately 54 minutes in length, it is an excellent educational film appropriate for both secondary schools and colleges, as well as, community based screenings.  Additional resources such as a Study Guide and Filmmaker Q&A would enhance the viewing experience.

While the political issues may soon be decided on a national scale, laws in and of themselves do not immediately change social attitudes. The film will continue to be an important historical document of the LGBTQ fight for civil rights, and Asian Americans’ participation in that struggle; and it will continue to have resonance as the fight to change hearts and minds continues in our families and in our communities, in states across the country and internationally.