Future Development

With additional funding a full-length feature version of the film can be created for broadcast and DVD markets utilizing footage that has already been shot, as well as, enabling the inclusion of additional historical materials.  Additional sections of the film explore the couples’ heartfelt expressions and experiences of “coming out,” building families and finding community.  Additional historical development will allow the film to better illustrate the parallels between racist, gendered sexual images used to legitimate and rationalize Asian American Exclusion laws of the late 19th and early 20th century against more recent images used in the Proposition 8 campaign which similarly criminalizes and constructs as deviant the LGBTQ community, allowing us to better examine the effects these laws had on Asian American families then and LGBTQ families today.  Solidifying historic parallels and commonality of experience will help to more solidly ground LGBTQ struggles as a civil rights one.